Monday, February 10, 2014

Day 29, Learning 29: Working with Kids

Happy Monday!  Today's post is 9 tips for working with kids.  Of course, "kids" isn't really one category; working with a five year-old is different than working with a high school senior.  So for right now I'll limit the tips to working with youngins, say five to thirteen.

1.  Put your camera into a basic set-up and be ready to shoot on the fly
  • If your camera has an AUTO ISO mode (the D600 does) set an acceptable upper limit and you'll be sure to have proper exposure and the ability to play with aperture and shutter
2.  When you meet your "model," do a quick assessment:  shy or outgoing? engaged or "too cool for school." Work accordingly.

3.  If they don't want to be here, acknowledge it.
  • Where would you be if you could be anywhere but here?
  • Set a time limit with them for the session, and count it down if necessary
4. Talk to them about their interests.  Avoid the questions they always hear ("what's your favorite subject in school"), and throw in the occasional oddball question

5.  When they've lost interest and appear to be spacing out in that dreamy place kids go, take a pic!

6.  And after that pic, startle them back

7.  Play with them.  Play a mirror game.  Have them play with one of their toys.

8.  Have them play with their clothes

9.  Speaking of clothes, look for complimentary colors in their environment.  Pictures of kids should be vibrant!

10.  Did I say "play with them?"  And, of course, get down on their level-- never shoot (or talk) down to kids.

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