Friday, October 27, 2017

How to prepare for being on camera-- beyond the outfit

Sitting down with a client last week I was asked a question I hadn't heard in a while.... It surprised me because it seemed based on an antiquated notion of technology.  And at the same time it made me realize that it was one of the most common questions I get-- even if it was only every couple of months.

What should I wear?

Well, concerns about "fine patterns and checkers" have disappeared with the advent of HD and 4K, but our expectations about what makes for a strong interview, presentation, or pitch has increased immensely.  Seeing people on camera is so common place, that we instantly recognize shortcomings... white shirts, haggard eyes, rambling sentences.  How to prepare for being on camera has evolved beyond what to wear. I've compiled a list of my best advice over at Hurricane Images Inc Blog.  Head over and check it out....

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Going Pro: It's a wrap

Ian Robin Walker

Okay, clearly it's been a long time since I posted to this series, and the reason is largely about success.  While I do hope/plan/aspire to continue with the odd post on videography/photography business, product reviews, and technique, for now I'm putting a peg in this topic.  You can also check my other (even slower moving) blog at Hurricane Images Inc.  This is a client facing blog-- rather than this peer facing blog-- and there's a lot you can borrow from that.

I wrote that the end of this series is due to the success of my own process of turning pro.  I mean this in an "in progress" kind of way.  Since jettisoning my regular employment four months ago, I've been working continuously.  I've not consistently earned what I need each month-- I don't expect that to happen for another eight months-- but earnings have exceeded expectations this first trimester... even as turn-around times have proved painfully longer than expected.  My projects have included small jobs for big companies like BitDefender, Silicon Valley Air Experts, and The California Department of Public Health, and large jobs for small outfits like Davis Properties and Rocket Interview.  Balancing 45 hour work weeks with raising an infant (and keeping my sanity) has pushed writing projects like this to the side.

I started this post with a picture of yours truly, though, which is pretty unlike me.  Why?  It's a reminder that ultimately you  are your brand.  If you look at some of the most successful media producers out there-- from Philip Bloom to Casey Neistat to (one of my personal favorites) Brandon Li-- you realize how distinctive their personal style is.  Not just their artwork, but their personalities and how they put themselves forward.  Everyone, regardless of where they are in their career, should reevaluate their online presence and branding every six months.  This includes cleaning up the website, checking that you're still appearing on other sites and searches, and retooling your communications.  So if you're bored right now, get to it.