Monday, February 3, 2014

Day 22, Learning 22: Photographing Bands

Twelve Tips for photographing bands:
  1. KNOW THEIR NAMES.  Memorize them before you show up.
  2. Learn about them, their music, their public personas, and hopes for the shoot
  3. Conduct a pre-interview to get to know them better and understand their hopes/desires
  4. Match the music to the clothes to the location
  5. Scout, scout, scout (location, location, location)
  6. Bring a set piece: a chair, couch, tractor, whatever.  Consider working with opposites-- put a ratty chair in a dreamy location
  7. Make a shot list.  1 shot per 10 minutes, 15 minutes between for setting up, and an additional 15 minutes if they need to change clothes
  8. You or they need an assistant, someone to help corral them, grab things, etc.
  9. Be strict with the time schedule; get everyone there early to "touch base."  Musicians and punctuality often don't mix well
  10. Be confident and give direction just as if you were working with an individual model
  11. Take candid shots between the set-ups
  12. Capture personality.  Look for their individual personalities during the pre-interview, and pose them accordingly.  Let the shy one look away, the dominant take the frame.  Then mix it up
  13. Be ready for a square format request (for CDs)  and frame accordingly
And of course, have fun.

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