Tuesday, January 3, 2017

180 Review: Redragon Gaming Mouse for Video Editing

Video editor controllers like the Shuttle Pro 2 and the Palette are designed to speed up your work by putting all your short cuts, macros, and controls at your fingertips.  I recently upgraded by laptop editing system, which is a vast improvement in every department except the touchpad and mouse.  The Left-Right buttons are stiff and overly specific.  Working on a budget, I decided to get the Redragon Perdition gaming mouse a go.

What I like:

  • All the controls are in my right hand.
  • 16 programmable buttons.  That’s pretty much all you need.  I can “Control + Click + Drag” all in one motion.
  • Five profiles, which means I can have one profile for my editor, a second with shortcuts programmed for After Effects, and another for daily computer use.  I don’t know what I’ll use the other two profiles for.
  • Good cheap entry into video controllers
  • Color-coded profiles help you keep track

What’s less than perfect:

  • Most of the buttons are under my thumb, which makes my forefinger tense up for control-- which sometimes results in an unplanned left-click.
  • I wish it had a second scroll wheel for scrubbing through the timeline 

What’s up for grabs:

  • I can edit more quickly and fluidly on the Redragon mouse than I can on my stiff-moused laptop, but the jury is still out on how it compares to a well-designed laptop. 

Final thoughts:
The Redragon Perdition mouse is a great entry point into the controller world, and I’ll definitely be using mine.  I’d prefer having most of the buttons on a finger keypad rather than under the thumb, so I may explore some other options after I’ve mastered this.  It’s great for learning your shortcuts and macros.

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