Monday, May 25, 2015

Making Your Favorite Lightroom Presets Easy to Find

Editing images  on a laptop has its drawbacks.  One of them is lack of screen space, which makes scrolling through Lightroom presets a pain.  I'm not a fan of presets.  I believe each image should be uniquely edited, and that you should be able to easily duplicate the look of any preset you own.  After all, presets don't import any new functionality to Lightroom, they adjust the sliders already in front of you.  But there are times when presets give me an opportunity to see wildly different versions of my images to spur my imagination.  The problem is that out of the 80 or so presets loaded on my computer, there are really only 10 or so that are interesting.  And they are a devil to find in the menus on a small-ish screen.  I always wanted a feature where you could rate and filter your presets.  Lightroom doesn't offer it, but there is another solution.

You can create a "Favorite" preset folder for your most commonly used presets.  The easiest way to do this is to copy them over from their original location.  Lightroom makes this easy with the ability to right-click on a preset and select "Show in Explorer." This takes you to the preset in it's original folder.

Copy you desired preset, go up to the next folder level (Develop Presets) create a Favorites folder, and paste in the preset. In Lightroom, the presets folders are listed alphabetically.  I labeled my folder "A Favorites" so it would be on the top of the preset list for easy access.  If you have a lot of presets, it will save you a lot of time.

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