Friday, May 20, 2016

An Evolution of Thought

Blogs are hard to keep going. A few years back, I loved reading PetaPixel, DIYPhotography, and Cheesycam for their innovative how-to pieces and educational posts.  Great places to learn. Over time, though, they became centered on product reviews and "look what someone else has done." I don't mean to diss them.  I still pop over and check them out from time to time.  But they've changed.  They're no longer about educating photographers.  Truth is, finding new things to teach is really hard. I started my blog as part of my 100 Learnings in 100 Days challenge. As I studied something new about photography every day, I realized that if I wrote about it I'd be more likely to remember it.  I actually learned 100 things in about 80 days, and the challenge generated about 85 "Day X/Learning Y" posts.  And then a few more after that.  Slowly, other types of posts started to creep in.  Philosophy. Gear reviews.  They stopped being so educational.  And the frequency of posts slowed down.  To a dribble.  Then a drip.  Strangely, I can't say my learning has slowed to a drip.  I'm still learning something new almost weekly.  It just hasn't felt as "shareable."  I'm a writer, and I like content to be coherent.

I'm hoping to change that.  (Not the content/coherent part, but the dribble-drip.)  One reason my output slowed is that I was adhering to a specific type of technical learning around photography.  My "challenge" kept me focused on skill-set learning.  I'm still going to post those types of things, but I hope to expand into other photography related material.   It's one thing to learn the technical skills necessary to become a photographer.  Staying  a photographer is an even bigger challenge.  It involves the business of photography, marketing, equipment, and learning from experiences.  My work is also expanding into videography, so expect some posts about that as well.

We're evolving.

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